Times Tables

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Learning times tables is more fun with friends: that’s why Oona Octopus, Milo the Monkey and others have come to join our Times Tables Activity App!

Our lovely app brings the fun into learning your tables. As well as individual focus pages for the 1-12 times tables, kids can record their own recitals to help them practise. They can test themselves against the clock as well, to see if they can beat their highest score.

Whiz Bang’s Magic Cauldron and quick brain teasers add a gaming element to learning. And once your child has completed a test for each times table, a secret game is unlocked which involves spaces aliens… has your child got what it takes to be the next ultimate times tables champion?

Our app has been carefully formulated to tie in with Key Stages 1 and 2 of the UK National Curriculum.

• Focus pages for 1-12 times tables: emphasizing Learn, Practise, Test
• Voice recorder – for fun and personalized learning
• Beat the clock
• Progress markers
• Quick brain teasers Whiz Bang’s Magic Cauldron
• Times Table Grid exercise
• Secret game –unlocks after completing all practice tests
• Entertaining animations, sounds and characters: from Oona Octopus to Ollie the Owl


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